Recent policy, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation, reflects mounting public concerns around emerging data practices, RRI, data ethics and privacy. VIRT-EU addresses these concerns at the point of design through researching and intervening upon the development cultures and ethics of the next- generation IoT innovators. We ask how do European IoT innovators and developers make ethically consequential decisions – about code, hardware and data – for new connective devices? What assumptions about human behavior, privacy and freedom underpin European cultures of IoT innovation?


The main objective of VIRT-EU is to affect the design and development processes of technological innovation by integrating PESIA tools with developer practices, resulting in better alignment with ethical and social values of EU citizens.

Virt-EU will take part to the 13th IDP Conference with an ad-hoc panel to present its first results.

On the basis of the first results of the H2020 VIRT-EU project (Values and ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in EUrope), the panel considers the adoption of a multiple risk assessment in data processing.